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* serial-led example works now tooHEADmasterChristian Pointner2017-09-023-3/+34
* fix programmer and led pin for stm8blueChristian Pointner2017-09-023-14/+29
* rename devminumum board to stm8blueChristian Pointner2017-09-012-2/+2
* stm8_serial_flasher is now stm8galChristian Pointner2017-08-305-12/+38
* added stm8-serial-flasherChristian Pointner2017-08-273-1/+20
* fix redefinition of HSE_VALUEChristian Pointner2017-08-271-157/+174
* fix linking to external libsChristian Pointner2017-08-2613-13/+437
* build spl doxygen if availableChristian Pointner2017-08-261-1/+2
* automatically build everyrhing from SPL for given hardwareChristian Pointner2017-08-265-169/+189
* added stm8s-discovery board and some more init fixupChristian Pointner2017-08-268-20/+123
* rename external lib stdperiph to splChristian Pointner2017-08-256-27/+27
* updated StdPeriph Lib Patch: Pointner2017-08-252-1863/+1880
* only build std-perihp components who are neededChristian Pointner2017-08-252-1/+2
* initial commitChristian Pointner2017-08-2515-0/+23189