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* updated TODOHEADmasterChristian Pointner2018-03-111-0/+1
* updated TODOChristian Pointner2018-03-111-1/+15
* fix error handling for s5proxy tls configChristian Pointner2018-03-111-12/+21
* fix bug in forwarder id handlingChristian Pointner2018-03-102-5/+9
* added todoChristian Pointner2018-02-271-1/+1
* prepare changelog for next releaseChristian Pointner2018-02-161-0/+4
* new release 1.0.0-alphav1. Pointner2018-02-161-1/+2
* rename locations to backendsChristian Pointner2018-02-163-17/+20
* support multiple backendsChristian Pointner2018-02-161-32/+32
* add support for multiple backends in configChristian Pointner2018-02-153-5/+31
* make sfive stats more flexibleChristian Pointner2018-02-153-8/+16
* updated copyright noticeChristian Pointner2018-02-154-4/+4
* added timestamp indexChristian Pointner2018-01-123-3/+67
* added helper functions for timestamp indexChristian Pointner2018-01-123-0/+86
* added search index bucketsChristian Pointner2018-01-124-1/+39
* use int64 for ids everywhereChristian Pointner2017-12-277-60/+60
* switch from boltdb/bolt to coreos/bboltChristian Pointner2017-12-233-3/+3
* clean shutdown for forwarder (not finished)Christian Pointner2017-11-255-31/+85
* added some scripts for forwarding testsChristian Pointner2017-11-194-0/+221
* use uniqe slug for clients (ip/port seperator)Christian Pointner2017-11-191-2/+2
* move hub web api to /api/v1/ pathChristian Pointner2017-11-163-12/+14
* Merge branch 'clean-shutdown'Christian Pointner2017-11-1611-192/+335
| * pipe client connections can now be killed on shutdownChristian Pointner2017-07-151-24/+46
| * interface shutdown almost clean nowChristian Pointner2017-07-135-109/+138
| * added (stupid) shutdown for pipe interfaceChristian Pointner2017-07-132-15/+34
| * move pipgram into separate fileChristian Pointner2017-07-132-63/+92
| * cleaner shutdown for pipgram interfaceChristian Pointner2017-07-134-91/+112
| * first steps towards clean shutdownChristian Pointner2017-07-117-41/+64
* server shutdown is a little better now (still needs some thoughts though)Christian Pointner2017-07-061-40/+39
* make worker configurableChristian Pointner2017-07-063-4/+12
* added second sample config for s5proxyChristian Pointner2017-07-061-0/+34
* updated gitignore now that s5proxy uses external libsChristian Pointner2017-07-061-0/+2
* forwarder now use config structs as wellChristian Pointner2017-07-055-20/+24
* some more logging cleanupChristian Pointner2017-07-047-59/+59
* server interfaces now use config structsChristian Pointner2017-07-045-48/+48
* hub uses config structs nowChristian Pointner2017-07-042-21/+97
* srv now uses a config struct it selfChristian Pointner2017-07-043-8/+54
* add missing file frem previous commitsChristian Pointner2017-07-041-0/+38
* config options must be exported to usabel by (json|yaml|toml) decoderChristian Pointner2017-07-021-6/+6
* config type for storeChristian Pointner2017-07-023-34/+34
* move tlsconfig to seperate packageChristian Pointner2017-07-022-287/+12
* tls settings con now be fully configuredChristian Pointner2017-07-012-17/+284
* initial work to make tls parameter configurableChristian Pointner2017-07-013-20/+51
* parse header op time duration on config loadChristian Pointner2017-06-292-26/+39
* use UTC timestamp in headerChristian Pointner2017-06-291-1/+1
* improve config parsing for header operationChristian Pointner2017-06-291-26/+16
* add warning if https is enabled but no cert/key is configuredChristian Pointner2017-06-291-1/+9
* usage of protocols can noe be configuredChristian Pointner2017-06-292-17/+33
* added config parser for new config optionsChristian Pointner2017-06-292-1/+81
* added initial support for http/https connection multiplexingChristian Pointner2017-06-272-12/+60