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* some minor cleanupHEADmasterChristian Pointner2016-06-123-7/+2
* go rid of some sydra left-oversChristian Pointner2016-05-2512-15/+17
* added gstreamer exception to LicenseChristian Pointner2016-05-2512-3/+75
* further cleanups, improved options parser based on glibChristian Pointner2016-05-2511-862/+292
* major cleanup and refactoringChristian Pointner2016-05-2513-203/+91
* updated copyright infoChristian Pointner2016-05-2520-92/+91
* make prefix variable more standard compliantChristian Pointner2015-05-121-1/+1
* updated doc and ignore svn vs. gitChristian Pointner2015-02-151-5/+5
* reenabled num_fds callbackChristian Pointner2011-06-091-9/+6
* using command line options for main parametersChristian Pointner2011-06-081-6/+6
* added optionsChristian Pointner2011-06-083-9/+46
* implemened first version for resolvingChristian Pointner2011-06-081-8/+23
* first working versionChristian Pointner2011-06-081-4/+10
* added trivial http parserChristian Pointner2011-06-082-10/+35
* client handling in seperate threadChristian Pointner2011-06-082-11/+31
* num_fds not in all older versions of gstreamer multifdsinkChristian Pointner2011-06-081-6/+9
* streamer_stop fixedChristian Pointner2011-06-082-3/+12
* added accept()Christian Pointner2011-06-081-3/+10
* fixed error outputChristian Pointner2011-06-082-7/+3
* added tcp server initChristian Pointner2011-06-082-3/+44
* added basic streamer codeChristian Pointner2011-06-085-11/+196
* only needed paramsChristian Pointner2011-06-081-2/+0
* removed writer and filelist (legacy crap)Christian Pointner2011-06-086-601/+27
* initial releaseChristian Pointner2011-05-3022-0/+3070