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* Merge branch 'topic/x32-osc'HEADmasterChristian Pointner2020-04-139-175/+249
| * statemachine: current vs target vs realChristian Pointner2020-04-131-6/+8
| * nicer loggingChristian Pointner2020-04-121-2/+1
| * basic functionality works nowChristian Pointner2020-04-122-13/+22
| * new mixer interface mostly done, remaining issues with floats and rounding er...Christian Pointner2020-04-053-131/+113
| * mixer: basic osc message handling for /info operationChristian Pointner2020-04-052-9/+68
| * begin of major change: switching from midi to OSCChristian Pointner2020-04-059-166/+189
* add go-modules support and fix midi library API changetopic/x32-midiChristian Pointner2020-03-034-12/+34
* hack: listen on all addresses for websocket clientsChristian Pointner2019-02-231-2/+2
* make server url configurableChristian Pointner2019-02-231-1/+6
* automatic reconnect for mixer devicesChristian Pointner2019-02-142-37/+119
* controller error handlingChristian Pointner2019-02-142-19/+35
* minor refactoringChristian Pointner2019-02-142-4/+4
* also improve subscription for statemachineChristian Pointner2019-02-142-51/+72
* make subscribtions thread safe and more bullet proofChristian Pointner2019-02-143-32/+77
* make code a little nicerChristian Pointner2019-02-131-14/+59
* actually send switch language commandsChristian Pointner2019-02-131-1/+15
* basic infrastructure for dolmetschctlChristian Pointner2019-02-132-8/+99
* move common types to own packageChristian Pointner2019-02-137-146/+200
* added state change subscription to state machineChristian Pointner2019-02-135-10/+112
* implemented command to fetch list of languagesChristian Pointner2019-02-134-7/+56
* implemented set_language command via web socketsChristian Pointner2019-02-132-1/+31
* make web socket test page a little nicerChristian Pointner2019-02-131-12/+13
* added basic web socket interfaceChristian Pointner2019-02-137-5/+9609
* added web handler for languageChristian Pointner2019-02-133-8/+35
* added minimal web interfaceChristian Pointner2019-02-133-4/+129
* more stateChristian Pointner2019-02-112-6/+16
* subscribing to controller events works nowChristian Pointner2019-02-113-11/+66
* Merge branch 'master' of gitspread:dolmetschctlChristian Pointner2019-02-113-91/+91
| * some more name refactoringChristian Pointner2019-02-101-42/+42
| * better nameing than main and voiceChristian Pointner2019-02-103-62/+62
* | basic handling of midi eventsChristian Pointner2019-02-112-6/+32
* | controller leds work nowChristian Pointner2019-02-113-5/+99
* added function to get stateChristian Pointner2019-02-102-10/+34
* added getter for ratio and langChristian Pointner2019-02-102-20/+55
* added telnet command to set main-to-voice ratioChristian Pointner2019-02-102-13/+62
* improved fader movementChristian Pointner2019-02-101-5/+8
* implement fading (needs improvinggit diff)Christian Pointner2019-02-101-2/+20
* use mute state of voice channel to disable automatic switching for this languageChristian Pointner2019-02-101-5/+9
* basic functionality works nowChristian Pointner2019-02-101-27/+30
* make target and current channel state explicitChristian Pointner2019-02-102-16/+45
* refactored fader levels and mute stateChristian Pointner2019-02-102-31/+109
* mixer: closer subscriber channel on unsubscribeChristian Pointner2019-02-101-0/+4
* some more go vet fixesChristian Pointner2019-02-101-3/+3
* fix go vet errorsChristian Pointner2019-02-102-5/+5
* make sure we don't miss events from mixerChristian Pointner2019-02-091-1/+1
* mixer event subscription works nowChristian Pointner2019-02-092-11/+86
* parsing midi packet works nowChristian Pointner2019-02-091-4/+16
* mixer: add packet receiverChristian Pointner2019-02-091-1/+15
* languages now have a stateChristian Pointner2019-02-092-22/+68