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* merged gcrypt threading fixesnew-multithreadingOthmar Gsenger2014-09-252-35/+12
* moved anytun newthread from configure to makefileOthmar Gsenger2014-09-012-14/+21
* added QueuePusher, added ANYTUN_MULTITHREAD comile optionOthmar Gsenger2014-09-014-138/+162
* new threading working, but only one crypto thread per direction possible yetOthmar Gsenger2014-08-281-0/+2
* new threading model complete, but not workingOthmar Gsenger2014-08-281-6/+171
* multithreaded sender seems to work...Othmar Gsenger2014-07-313-15/+82
* fix compiler warningOthmar Gsenger2014-07-311-1/+15
* added one new thread. memory pool still needs work. some kind of auto pointer...Othmar Gsenger2014-07-312-40/+74
* added a go style channel implementation. this might still need some performan...Othmar Gsenger2014-07-312-1/+95
* added a new branch for multithreading experimentsOthmar Gsenger2014-07-300-0/+0
* added mingw cross compile infoChristian Pointner2014-06-291-16/+37
* fixed license headerChristian Pointner2014-06-291-11/+7
* version bumpf for openssl and boost on mingw windowsChristian Pointner2014-06-293-2/+52
* added license exception for OpenSSLChristian Pointner2014-06-29126-339/+2065
* fixed not working singletons - still not threadsafe but at least they don't p...Christian Pointner2014-06-2915-156/+21
* while(1) vs. for(;;)Christian Pointner2014-06-286-8/+8
* updated changelogChristian Pointner2014-06-221-0/+5
* merged clang branchChristian Pointner2014-06-224-6/+22
| * added support for clangChristian Pointner2014-06-224-6/+22
| * created branch for clang portChristian Pointner2014-06-220-0/+0
* merged nettle featuer branch to trunkChristian Pointner2014-06-2211-133/+257
| * implemented key derivation using libnettleChristian Pointner2014-06-222-12/+21
| * implemented auth algo using nettle (not tested yet)Christian Pointner2014-06-222-10/+11
| * implemented cipher using nettle (not tested yet)Christian Pointner2014-06-222-9/+22
| * added compile switches for libnettleChristian Pointner2014-06-229-31/+114
| * improved selection of crypto libChristian Pointner2014-06-2210-102/+120
| * added feature branch for nettle supportChristian Pointner2014-06-220-0/+0
* fixed typo in license headerChristian Pointner2014-06-21114-114/+114
* added missing dll's to zip archivesChristian Pointner2012-07-241-1/+9
* upgraded mingw build scripts and patchesChristian Pointner2012-07-173-4/+56
* added mingw release scriptChristian Pointner2012-01-061-0/+19
* added some windoof shitChristian Pointner2012-01-0614-0/+403
* cleanup at ming-cross script for anytunChristian Pointner2012-01-061-12/+17
* added anytun mingw cross compile scriptChristian Pointner2012-01-061-0/+18
* clean temporary boost files afgter build_boost_cross scriptOthmar Gsenger2012-01-061-1/+1
* svn ignore updatedChristian Pointner2012-01-060-0/+0
* mingw build works nowChristian Pointner2012-01-066-21/+43
* modified svn ignore for contribOthmar Gsenger2012-01-060-0/+0
* some mingw build fixes (still not working)Christian Pointner2012-01-064-9/+22
* bugfix build boostOthmar Gsenger2012-01-051-2/+2
* compiler clean windows checksChristian Pointner2012-01-0511-20/+25
* added helper scripts for mingw environmentOthmar Gsenger2012-01-054-0/+101
* fixed mingw build targetChristian Pointner2012-01-051-5/+0
* added cross compile mingw configure targetChristian Pointner2012-01-051-5/+53
* updated changelog (0.3.4 release)Christian Pointner2011-12-301-1/+7
* changed boost::asio::ip::tcp::acceptor::io_service() to get_io_service()Christian Pointner2011-12-301-1/+1
* cleanup at configureChristian Pointner2011-02-281-3/+7
* added build fix for (debian/ubuntu)Christian Pointner2011-02-281-10/+10
* fixed typoChristian Pointner2010-11-031-1/+1
* fixed configure (no svn error output)Christian Pointner2010-02-201-1/+1