BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masteralso rebuild manpagesChristian Pointner22 months
new-multithreadingmerged gcrypt threading fixesOthmar Gsenger7 years
newcryptfixed buffer pointerOthmar Gsenger7 years
v0.3.2added security fix to release branchChristian Pointner12 years
v0.3.3fixed deprecated call to io_service() in release branch as well Christian Pointner10 years
v0.3.4updated version and rebuilt manpageChristian Pointner10 years
v0.3.5set version fileChristian Pointner7 years
v0.3.6set versionChristian Pointner5 years
v0.3.7make usage of compiler flags more standard compliantChristian Pointner3 years
v0.3.8set version and rebuild manpagesChristian Pointner22 months
rel-0.3.8commit a92f3f1f02...Christian Pointner22 months
rel-0.3.7commit 9f52ab719c...Christian Pointner3 years
rel-0.3.6commit cc527597fb...Christian Pointner5 years
rel-0.3.4commit 1c45a100b6...Christian Pointner6 years
rel-0.3.2commit 08bbd3765b...Christian Pointner6 years
rel-0.3.3commit 4475b057f3...Christian Pointner6 years
rel-0.3.5commit 9a2ba4f77c...Christian Pointner6 years
rel-0.3.1commit 23db16e305...Christian Pointner6 years
rel-0.3commit c25cb28bc3...Christian Pointner6 years
rel-0.2.1commit 551a6a28a3...Christian Pointner6 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2014-09-25merged gcrypt threading fixesnew-multithreadingOthmar Gsenger2-35/+12
2014-09-01moved anytun newthread from configure to makefileOthmar Gsenger2-14/+21
2014-09-01added QueuePusher, added ANYTUN_MULTITHREAD comile optionOthmar Gsenger4-138/+162
2014-08-28new threading working, but only one crypto thread per direction possible yetOthmar Gsenger1-0/+2
2014-08-28new threading model complete, but not workingOthmar Gsenger1-6/+171
2014-07-31multithreaded sender seems to work...Othmar Gsenger3-15/+82
2014-07-31fix compiler warningOthmar Gsenger1-1/+15
2014-07-31added one new thread. memory pool still needs work. some kind of auto pointer...Othmar Gsenger2-40/+74
2014-07-31added a go style channel implementation. this might still need some performan...Othmar Gsenger2-1/+95
2014-07-30added a new branch for multithreading experimentsOthmar Gsenger0-0/+0