BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterelevate 2021 ups monitoringChristian Pointner10 hours
topic/mur-r1koadded basic config for r1ko to install it using usb-installChristian Pointner17 months
topic/skillz-legacysk-cloudia: upgrade jitsi meetChristian Pointner12 months
topic/wolke.chaox.orgtry to import wolke.chaox.orgChristian Pointner21 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
10 hourselevate 2021 ups monitoringHEADmasterChristian Pointner1-3/+1
13 hourselevate 2021 accesspointsChristian Pointner3-36/+50
31 hourssk-cloudio/postfix: disable ipv6Christian Pointner1-0/+2
32 hoursws/minet: update elevateWire connectionChristian Pointner1-2/+1
32 hoursjitis/meet-stream-ui: enable http auth and support new configChristian Pointner7-25/+68
34 hoursele-media: upgrade nextcloud and run cron script every 10minsChristian Pointner3-3/+3
38 hoursele-media: fixes and workaroundsChristian Pointner3-9/+7
43 hoursMerge branch 'topic/prometheus'Christian Pointner43-78/+1558
2 daysele-router: preapare setup for e21Christian Pointner2-91/+98
8 daysreconfigure ele-router (WIP)Christian Pointner1-91/+7