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* remove old debug outputHEADmasterChristian Pointner56 min.1-1/+0
* monitoring tweaks and improvementsChristian Pointner10 hours4-1/+1371
* whitespace fixChristian Pointner14 hours1-1/+0
* add openwrt variant of chrony textfile collectorChristian Pointner14 hours2-1/+97
* fix typoChristian Pointner2 days6-11/+11
* prometheus: install textfile collector for chronyChristian Pointner3 days8-1/+200
* move prometheus node-exporter text collector scripts to templatesChristian Pointner3 days4-6/+6
* cosmetic fixesChristian Pointner3 days2-3/+1
* switch back to ansible PPA for focalChristian Pointner4 days6-44/+32
* add openbsd 7.0Christian Pointner5 days2-0/+5
* fix ch-mod partition layoutChristian Pointner7 days2-1/+23
* add test host for OMDChristian Pointner7 days4-0/+46
* prometues: add some more smartmon alertsChristian Pointner7 days1-1/+46
* add apt-repo from consol labsChristian Pointner7 days2-0/+20
* add alerts for zpool stateChristian Pointner8 days1-0/+18
* add some alerts for smartmon collectorChristian Pointner8 days2-1/+46
* prometheus: fix smartmon textfile collectorChristian Pointner8 days5-4/+29
* fix group_vars precedence for accesspointsChristian Pointner8 days3-6/+10
* sensornodes: add support for gpioChristian Pointner9 days2-1/+69
* ch-router: force openssl variant of openvpnChristian Pointner11 days1-1/+1
* upgrade ch-router to openwrt 21.02Christian Pointner13 days1-11/+11
* add admin-users role to ch-raspi-ntpChristian Pointner14 days1-0/+1
* accesspoint: improve prometheus wifi-collectorsChristian Pointner2021-10-011-2/+66
* accesspoint upgrade to openwrt 21.02Christian Pointner2021-10-013-92/+73
* add temporary test for radio helsinkiChristian Pointner2021-09-301-0/+15
* dust-off slim/raspbian role and install ch-raspi-ntp test hostChristian Pointner2021-09-286-5/+34
* prometheus: add ssl exporterChristian Pointner2021-09-2814-8/+248
* cosmetic fixChristian Pointner2021-09-281-1/+1
* all other prometheus-node-exporter-lua collectors are marked executeableChristian Pointner2021-09-281-0/+1
* promethues metric naming uses plural form of unitsChristian Pointner2021-09-281-1/+1
* finalize NUT monitoringChristian Pointner2021-09-273-5/+54
* upgrade openwrt for ups monitorsChristian Pointner2021-09-271-3/+5
* fix and finalize ipmi exporterChristian Pointner2021-09-278-8/+166
* prometheus: add some openwrt specific alert rulesChristian Pointner2021-09-261-2/+18
* Merge branch 'topic/prometheus-refactoring'Christian Pointner2021-09-2668-264/+1123
| * fix alert wordingChristian Pointner2021-09-261-1/+1
| * add job configs for ipmi and ipmi/remoteChristian Pointner2021-09-266-4/+17
| * improved promethues multitarget supportChristian Pointner2021-09-2623-180/+123
| * move away from exporter-exporter in favor for nginxChristian Pointner2021-09-2524-136/+92
| * disabling smartmon textfile collector by default since this can lead to idemp...Christian Pointner2021-09-253-5/+3
| * add prometheus exporter IPMIChristian Pointner2021-09-247-5/+125
| * refactor textfile collector script handlingChristian Pointner2021-09-2411-33/+447
| * fix some todosChristian Pointner2021-09-243-2/+2
| * prometheus: add monitoring for systemd unitsChristian Pointner2021-09-243-1/+31
| * also run new textcollector scripts after rebootChristian Pointner2021-09-243-0/+4
| * add some alert rule for newly added node exporter metricsChristian Pointner2021-09-241-0/+27
| * add some basic prometheus node exporter textfile collector scriptsChristian Pointner2021-09-239-1/+253
| * add some more prometheus rules for blackbox exporterChristian Pointner2021-09-236-3/+80
| * force blackbox exporter to ipv4 by defaultChristian Pointner2021-09-232-2/+12
| * rename prometheus job-snippets to jobsChristian Pointner2021-09-237-1/+1